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Coffee Tables – Fixing Scratches on Them to Make Them Look New

Gone are the days when coffee tables were just simple wood tables to set magazines and cups of coffee in the living room. Today’s coffee tables serve a much larger purpose in a home. While they still serve the traditional role as a place to hold things, they also are an extension of the owner’s personality.

Thanks to a booming market, there are coffee tables to suit every taste, style and theme that you could think of. That makes selecting these tables are tough as selecting the perfect piece of art for your wall. In many ways, selecting coffee tables today is selecting a piece of art, just a functional one.

Once you have brought home the table you are in love with, you want to see it looking beautiful forever. Unfortunately, unless you never live in your home, this is not going to happen. Living happens and tables get damaged in the process.

Don’t fret quite yet. There are ways to save your beautiful table once it gets a few scratches.


It could be someone accidentally pulled something across the table and left a scratch in their wake. Perhaps you have kids, or had some visiting, and they were banging the tabletop with their toy. It doesn’t take too much to get a little ding or scratch in the surface of the table. There used to be a time where this meant you had to sand down the whole table and refinish it. But we have come much further in table repair these days.

Little Scratches

Little scratches are annoying to look at but usually easy to fix. You may even have the items you need in the house. Look around and see if you have any markers or shoe polish that is the same color as your coffee tables. If you do, you may be able to lightly go over the scratches with this item and make the scratches disappear. If you happen to know the color of stain that is on the table you could take a little bit on a small paint brush and do a quick touchup job.

If you have a busy house and getting scratches on your table is a common thing, you may even want to take an old shoe polish bottle, fill it with the right color stain for your table, and have it ready to go to cover up future scratches that are bound to happen.

Big Scratches

Not all scratches are small ones that are easily removed, bit bigger ones aren’t impossible either. You should be able to go a grocery store or other similar store and find some sort of scratch repair product. Many of these are putty or paste like materials that you can rub into the surface to fill the groove that has been created by the scratch. Many of these compounds come already tinted in various wood colors so you can find a color that closely matches your wood finish and get it all taken care of in one shot. If you get one that is not tinted, you will then need to use your stain (or marker) to make the patched area the same color as the rest of your furniture pieces.