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Why RTA Sofa Sleepers Are Ideal for Your Studio Apartment

Ready to assemble or RTA sofa sleepers have gotten a pretty bad reputation over the years due to the overseas companies putting out a cheaply made product. What is not commonly known is that there is a company out there that makes a high quality RTA sofa sleeper. These RTA sleeper sofas rival any other furniture piece of similar price on the market, and they are guaranteed for a lifetime. Best of all, they are highly attractive, priced fairly, and so easy to assemble that a child can do it in minutes without any tools. (Literally!)

RTA sofa sleepers of this type are perfectly suited to a studio apartment setting, if only because of the large amount of space that they save. By day they are incredibly attractive, functional and comfortable sofas and by night they can easily and quickly transform into a comfortable bed. A quick transition from bed to sofa and vice versa makes RTA sleeper sofas an absolutely wonderful studio apartment option.

There are a number of differences between the custom made, nicer sofas in the RTA market and the cheaper options. The cheap RTA sleeper sofas are usually made of inferior products. They will almost always feature a paper thin mattress and uncomfortable sofa cushions. They will usually offer only a handful of options in color, fabrics and the like, and yes, they will usually be cheaper. The nicer RTA sofa sleepers are superior in every way.

Custom made RTA sleeper sofas are actually made with hardwood oak or ash frames, and they are guaranteed for a lifetime. They do not bother with traditional mattresses, instead choosing to use a high quality air mattress set up that will blow you away with how comfortable it is. They offer you tons of options in color, fabrics, cushions, styles and even in custom made slipcovers. Because they are custom made, you can even get your favorite fabrics used in the construction of your RTA sleeper sofa. This type of personalization has never really been offered in the market of ready to assemble furniture.

What is best about this furniture for studio apartments is that they come in a number of sizes as well. No matter how small the studio apartment may be, a high quality RTA sleeper sofa can be worked into the decor. Also, you will no longer have to worry about a stow away bed or any other cumbersome option usually reserved for studio apartments. Your RTA sofa sleeper will cover every bit of that with ease.

Remember when you go shopping for your RTA sleeper that you spend plenty of time looking into the product. Do not settle for the sleeper sofas made by the cheaper ready to assemble crowd. If you do, then you will be disappointed with your purchase sooner or later. Instead, go with the company that offers you a solidly built sleeper, reasonable price and lifetime guarantee. This company is easy to find as they are one of the few RTA manufacturers that make their own furniture in the USA rather than shipping their furniture from overseas.