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Glass Top Coffee Tables For Any Living Room Style

It has been said that the coffee table is the centrepiece of the living room and as such is an involved member of our family. In terms of style as well as overall appeal there is no better table than the glass top coffee table. It is considered as the “Royalty” of the coffee table world – it’s classic design features couples with it’s versatility and function makes this a winner by anyone’s standards.

Let’s take a closer look at this prince of the living room world, any why they compliment pretty much any living room d├ęcor:

– The stand or more commonly termed the base of the table can comprise a multitude of materials from solid wood (Oak – Cherry wood – Maple Wood – Rhodesian Teak) to a range of metal bases (Aluminum – Cast Iron – Wrought Iron – Stainless Steel) to mixed materials like leather and wood or even stone and metal.

Some of the more classic couplings are Solid Oak bases and glass tops or even polished aluminum legs topped with a glass top to compliment an ultra contemporary setting. There are the practical aspects of having a glass top coffee table that must not be overlooked, for example the fact that it is very easy to keep clean and also it can be pretty durable and weather resistant (when used in a patio setting). If you compare these features with say a solid Maple wood table that requires a whole process of treatments to keep clean and in good condition, not to mention the fact that it is easily damaged with accidental nicks and bumps – you ca see why glass top coffee tables are a popular choice for living room furniture.

There are some important guidelines that you must consider when going this route and that is the fact that the glass top is not just any old piece of glass it has to be a tempered glass. Now if you can afford it rather go for tempered and laminated glass for added durability and toughness. Also make sure that the edges are well machined and nicely rounded. Most glass top coffee tables do come standard with these features but it’s wise to just make sure before purchasing.

It is good news to note that you can get great glass top coffee tables pretty much anywhere, they are widely available. The internet is by far the best place to shop for this sort of thing – the wide range as well as the affordable style that you will find on the internet is incomparable to any traditional retailer. Just make sure that whichever route you chose to purchase your glass top coffee table just make sure that they are reputable and have good solid customer service principles.